PLEASE NOTE: Individual applications required from each occupant 18 years of age or older.

If you have any questions, please contact us at: 619-447-0763

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Have you ever been evicted or asked to move? If so, please briefly describe circumstances.

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  By completing and Submitting this form, I hereby acknowledge the qualifing standards and renting policies for the Majestic Apartments and´┐Żauthorize DELTA PROPERTY MANAGEMENT or its agents to verify the above information by checking with any and all available sources.

Qualifying Standards and Renting Policies

For the comfort, safety and well being of all residents, we apply the following criteria to all applicants:

1. Each applicant must be able to prove ability to pay the rent on the due dates by a credit check made by an independent organization ($30.00 application fee).´┐Ż

2. Applicants gross income must be 3 times the amount paid for rent..

3. Each applicant must have a good reference from a former landlord.

4. Each applicant must agree in writing (on the rental agreement) to abide by all the rules of our comunity.

5. Applicants who have an unlawful detainer or that have been evicted for any reason from a previous apartment will not be accepted.

6. We cannot allow partially wrecked, non-operating or junky looking autos in our parking faculties. No washing or repairing of autos will be allowed on parking or driveway areas.

7. Please note that cats are allowed with a $200 deposit per animal, maximum of 2 animals.

8. Satellite service is not allowed.

9. No dogs allowed.

10. Provide copy of Picture I.D. and must show Social Security card.

11. The rental agreement must be signed by ALL approved applicants and the first months rent plus deposit must be paid before the keys are issued and possession of the apartment is given.

12. The deposit and first months rent must be paid with a cashiers check or money order ONLY (payable to Delta Property Management Co.)

13..Gas and electric are paid up to $75.00 a month.