Cat Friendly Short Term Apartment Rentals San Diego - How to Get There in One Piece with Your Cats


Before you and your cat check into your short term apartment rentals San Diego, you'll need to get your cat(s) there, all the way from you home to San Diego. I hope you've prepared yourself well for your drive or flight, because if you haven’t travelled with cats before, you might be in for a rough ride. If you are a family of two and your household income is not more than $50,500 per year, you might qualify for San Diego short term rentals offered by the government, but you'd probably have to be on a waiting list for months, and the apartment is not going to be cat friendly.

Cat Friendly Apartments – The Majestic Apartments

What Cats Are NOT

Cats are intriguing creatures. As the fable goes in some Eastern cultures, the cat is the maternal aunt of the lion. The myth is that the cat taught all its tricks to the lion, except how to climb a tree, so that if the lion ever wanted to eat the aunt, she could climb to the safety of a tree. It's a myth because lions can actually climb, but that's beside the point. In the West, cats are fabled to have nine lives. They've starred in comics and movies such as Cat Woman and Puss in Boots. Cats may be many things, but the one thing that they are not is great globetrotters.

If Snakes on a Plane scared you, wait till you take a flight (or a road-trip) with a few cats. I'm not saying that cats are scary at all. They are cute, lovable creatures, and always fun to have around. You could ROFL watching the endless funny clips featuring cats and their hilarious tricks. Cats have amazing health benefits for their owners, better heart health and lower risks of cancer being just a couple of them. Cats also relieve stress, so it makes sense taking them along to your short term rentals San Diego to enjoy a stress-free stay.

The Cat People's Dilemma

Twenty-nine percent of Americans own a cat, and most of them (51%) own more than one. When going on a vacation, most of the cat-owners are faced with the dilemma of whether to leave their cats behind or take them along. Leaving them all alone in a locked home is just heartless, even if you've made sure your neighbor or a friend would feed them while you're gone. Besides, you'll miss out on all the fun that you'll have if your cat(s) was living with you in your short term apartment rentals San Diego.

So, if you want to take your cat with you to your furnished rental apartment in San Diego, your wish is totally legit and even commendable. The only thing that you need to do is—prepare.

Travelling to Your Short Term Apartment Rentals San Diego with Your Cats

To begin with, there are certain essential items that you need for traveling smoothly with your cat(s) to your short term rentals San Diego. The first thing you need is a cat-carrier. You can get one from Amazon or PetSmart just in case you don’t have one already. This is an absolute must, as you must never drive with your cat roaming freely in your car (never!). After you’ve bought the carrier, don’t expect your cat to thank you and walk into its new home. You'll need to train your cat to get into the carrier and stay there without crying and clawing at the carrier. It may take a few days (if not weeks or even forever) until your cat is familiarized with the container. The container will also help you secure your cat if you have to leave it behind while going out of your cat friendly short term rentals San Diego.

Cat-Carrier | Traveling to Apartment With Your Cats

The second thing that your cat needs to be familiar with is driving around in your car, in case you'd be taking a road-trip to San Diego. So, you should take it (them) around on short hops before you hit the freeway for your San Diego short term rentals. If you are boarding a plane, make sure that you know all the airline's regulations regarding the carriage of pets. Some airlines would allow you to carry your cat in your cabin baggage. Your cat must be secured inside a carrier that fits under the seat. Other airlines might need you to book the carrier in the planes luggage hold. In either case, you'll need a good and strong carrier.

Another very important piece of equipment that you need is the safety harness with tags. When you check into your furnished short term rentals in San Diego, you'll need to get the cat out of the container, and you don’t want it to run away and get lost. Write down your name and phone number on the identification tags. Like the carrier, you'll need to familiarize your cat with the harness too, so that there's no trouble at the last minute.

Some people recommend sedating the cat, although experts warn against the use of sedatives. Where a cat is too boisterous and sedatives become unavoidable, you must consult your vet and check the cat's behavior under drugs prior to traveling. If your cat shows signs of travel sickness, give it anti-histamine pills after asking the doctor.

A very useful and harmless drug that you can use to keep your cats calm is called the Feliway spray. It's an odorless spray that soothes the cats by replicating a pheromone excreted by cats when they are comfortable and happy. You should spray the inside of the container and your car as a part of the cat travel preparations. You can also use it inside your short term apartment rentals San Diego in order to make it feel more homelike to your cats.

Here's some important stuff that you should carry, along with the container:

  • Food and water
  • Eating/drinking bowls
  • Extra leash/ID tags
  • Treats and toys
  • Litter box/pooper-scooper
  • First aid supplies (bandages, ointment, medications, etc.)

If your cat is not micro-chipped, consider having the procedure done before you travel. This would ensure that you never lose your cat, which is a big burden off your mind when you travel.

When you arrive at your short term apartment rental San Diego, your cat may take some time in adjusting to the new surroundings. Sometimes, the cats withdraw under the far corner of the bed when you take them out of the carrier, refusing to come out. Give the poor thing some time and offer it the toys that it's familiar with in order to help it adapt faster. Your vacation rental is safety proof for cats, so you can leave your cats behind when going for a business meeting, bar or anywhere else where you can't take them with you.

Have you travelled with cats before? We'd love to hear about your experience in your comments. If you liked the post, share it with your friends who love cats.

By Don Bagley


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