Should I Rent a Military Furnished Apartment in San Diego?


"People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf", said George Orwell. While the statement is essentially true, rough men (and women) also need a peaceful place to sleep when they are off duty. That's why military authorities make every effort to make their serving members and their families as comfortable as possible. Reasonable military accommodation is available at most bases for single as well as married personnel. Yet, sometimes military people prefer living off the base in fully furnished homes for rent in San Diego for military located in civilian areas.

Benefits of Living at the Base

A study by the RAND Corporation showed that service members choose to live in military apartments San Diego primarily for economic reasons.

Naval Base San Diego By The Majestic Apartments

There are many benefits that on-base living offers, both in financial and non-financial terms. Base accommodation is just what the name depicts—basic. It's seldom luxurious and just offers a roof over your head and peace of mind, the latter resulting from the fact that you don’t have to put up with excessive utility bills, rowdy neighbors, and insolent landlords. You can even leave your military apartments San Diego unlocked without having to worry about the security. You are living among a tightly knit community and have a great family and social life. However, community living is not a predominant reason why service personnel choose to live on the base, as the RAND research also proves.

Most of the bases offer schooling for kids, sports facilities, swimming pools, community centers, and many other facilities for service members. Most of the times, these facilities are located within a walking distance from your military accommodation, as is your (or your spouse's) job. This means a lot less hassle than having to drive everywhere and burning gas too. You also save money shopping at BX and the Commissary, and generally enjoy a smooth and peaceful living.

Reasons for Renting Off Base Military Furnished Apartments San Diego

Most of the military people appear to think that living on the base is more economical. Why, then, one might wonder, do off-base military furnished apartments in San Diego exist? There are many reasons why service men and women are sometimes compelled to look for military furnished apartments in San Diego civilian areas.

Families Living In Military Furnished Apartments

The biggest reason for living in military furnished apartments San Diego is the non-availability of appropriate accommodation at the base. San Diego is home to more than a dozen military bases and establishments, the San Diego Naval Base being the most prominent with its workforce of some 20,000 military and civilian personnel. The Naval Amphibious Base in Coronado is another major establishment. The California Army National Guard and US Marine Corps Recruiting centers are also located in close vicinity of the Naval Base. Pacific Beacon, located on Norman Scott Rd, is the only military apartments San Diego complex catering to these and several other posts in San Diego. Although well-serviced and facilitated, the housing establishment can often run short of accommodation for service personnel moving into San Diego from other places. A short-term military apartment rental is the only other option available in such cases. Also, sometimes the military housing at the base can be old or dilapidated, leaving people no choice but to rent fully furnished homes for rent in San Diego for military outside the base.

Although it is possible to find a fully furnished military apartment rental in San Diego below your BAH, but the saving in this case is often more than offset by the heftier utility bills that you have to pay and the gas that you burn commuting to and from the base every day. Nonetheless, there are families living outside the base in San Diego at much lower rents than the BAH that they get.

Another common reason why military families are interested in moving into military furnished apartments San Diego is that one of the spouses is working in the city, and the family finds it more convenient to reside close to that spouse's workplace. The search for better schooling for kids also prompts families to move into areas that are closer to such schools and educational institutions.

Living on the base requires you to abide by the base regulations, which are often stricter than the state or city laws. Bases have their own speed limits and curfew hours (for kids). Also, you are living in a closed community, and everything you do is sort of public. You and your family are expected to behave in a way socially acceptable to the community. Any diversions can reflect badly upon your social and professional life. This lack of privacy also factors in when deciding to move into fully furnished homes for rent in San Diego for military off base.

On or Off Base Military Furnished Apartments San Diego—The Choice is Yours

Whatever your reasons for deciding to live outside the base, you'll find plenty of good fully furnished rental homes for military in San Diego. Most of these homes or apartments are built strategically in quiet and peaceful neighborhoods located close to major military bases. Some of the rental military apartments are situated in complexes and projects that offer many facilities and amenities to the residents, such as heated swimming pools, landscaped parks, fully equipped kitchens, air-conditioning, and much more.

San Diego is different from other cities that you may have served in, because here, you can usually rent a much more spacious and luxurious accommodation off base in less than the amount that you get as BAH. Before you decide to rent off-base military apartments San Diego, make sure that you physically inspect the apartment or house and its surroundings. Inquire about the amenities and features in detail, and compare several properties for the benefits that they offer and the rent that they charge.

It all comes down to your personal choice and circumstances. If you think living off the base gives you better convenience and more freedom, there's no shortage of low cost military furnished apartments in San Diego that you can rent staying well within your BAH.

Your turn. Let us know about your experience of living on and off the base in your comments. Your input will help your military comrades make better decisions about where to live in San Diego.

By Don Bagley


  • • 1 & 2 Bedroom Apartment For Rent
  • • Fully Furnished
  • • Utilities Paid
  • • Heated Swimming Pools
  • • Air Conditioning
  • • Reserved Parking
  • • Lush Landscape
  • • Fully Equipped Kitchens
  • • Spacious Interiors
  • • Convenient to Shopping and Restaurants
  • • Close to Military Bases
  • • Easy Freeway Access



  • • Air Conditioning
  • • Apartment
  • • Broadband Internet Access
  • • Cable or Satellite
  • • Carpet
  • • Cats Allowed
  • • Ceiling Fan
  • • Electric Utilities Included
  • • Freeway Access
  • • Furnished Available
  • • Garbage Disposal
  • • Garden Style
  • • Gas Utilities Included
  • • Internet Access
  • • Laundry Facility
  • • Market Rate
  • • Pool
  • • Public Transportation
  • • Street
  • • Surface Lot
  • • Water Sewer and Trash
  • • Window Covering